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leaders right before he left and what the president says will happen if a deal is not worked out by tomorrow. good morning, and welcome back to "news 4 today," i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist in for eun yang. it's thursday, july 14th. and a sharp contrast to what we've seen the last few days. waking up with temperatures in the 80s in some cases. not the case today. >> yeah, the sun's up and the temperature's down. and so is the humidity, thankfully. we had a tremendous drop in humidity overnight. it has dropped down to just near 60 degrees now in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties only in the low 60s. and right near the bay, low 70s, a little bit of breeze off the waters. otherwise only in the 60s, most locations. out in western maryland, much of west virginia in the mid and upper 50s. so, quite a dramatic drop here since yesterday. thanks to this high pressure that has come in overnight. and it will be with us here for the next several days and it will linger all the way into the
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weekend. so for this day, we will have our temperatures by 9:00 into the mid 70s. noontime around 80, and midafternoon into the mid 80s with low humidity and lots of sunshine. you'll need sun block. going to be out for long periods. look at your night planner in about ten minutes at 6:11. let's have a look at our traffic now. danella? >> good morning. let's start out with the rails. so far, metro, marc, vre all looking good. 66 right now, i'm seeing some traffic at 66 east at suddenly road. and that traffic will continue as you make your way towards the belt way. this is at sully road. some areas good, some our yeahs not so good on 66. both inside and outside of the beltway you have no accidents affecting your commute this morning. and look at this, 109, this is at 270 south at route 109. we see a little bit of relief. if you're heading out of urbana, it's still slow for you. as you pass 109 you see just a bit of relief. back to you, aaron and joe.
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>> thanks, danella. four days, four meetings, and still no deal on increasing the nation's debt limit. today, congressional leaders will return to the white house for more talks. those negotiations have gotten so contentious, the president of the united states actually walked out of the room yesterday. news four's melissa mollet is live in the newsroom with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you, aaron. it is a stalemate over spending. they're going to meet again today but last night's meeting between president obama and lawmakers is being described as now as the most tense of all. the president ended the nearly two-hour debt limit negotiation by declaring, enough is enough, as he rejected republican demands at a short-term debt limit increase. while they say he stormed out of last night's meeting, democrats say that account is a bit exaggerated. many growing more and more pessimistic that any deal will be reached. president obama has given lawmakers until tomorrow to decide whether or not they can reach a deal. he says if not, he could call on
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congressional leaders to camp david to come there for a summit this weekend. >> we default on the debt and that would create, as i've said before, a huge financial calamity, which, in turn, would affect everybody, and would set job creation back very significantly. >> now just to give you a sense of how important these negotiations are, moody's investors services is threatening to lower the u.s.' credit rating. it says there's a slight risk the government will default on its debt. if the country's credit rating is downgraded, interest rates would likely spike, meaning it would cost more for mortgages, car loans and other debt. it could also push the u.s. into another recession. now the government reached its borrowing limit at the end of may. treasury says the government will, indeed, default on its debt if the limit is not raised by august 2nd. aaron? >> all right, melissa mollet, thank you. right now, about 115 homes in northern virginia remain without power, after yesterday's storms. heavy rain pummeled our area and one lightning strike knocked out power to more than 20,000 homes
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yesterday. a dominion spokesperson says that some homes might not get power back on until this afternoon, and that they've called in crews from other service areas to help with the effort. repairs are under way after this water main break. take a look at this. it happened in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard at capital heights. that's in prince george's county. crews are still working right now to fix the break on that 20 inch water main. 31 businesses are without water service. no word on exactly when those repairs will be completed. this morning police in prince george's county have two quote persons of interest in custody in connection with a deadly shooting in bowie. the victim was found shot to death yesterday afternoon. in his own home on livingstone endeavor drive. police say they found the persons of interest walking in the neighborhood shortly after the shooting. neither has been arrested yet nor charged but police were questioning them late into the night. investigators believe the victim, a laundromat owner, was
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targeted. throughout the next year, metro plans to shut down several stations temporarily to complete recommended safety improvements. the closures will be on weekends only. the first one will be on august 6th and 7th. that closure is set for all the stations between twinbrook and medical center on the red line. the closures that may have the biggest impact will be in november when the national airport station will shut down on the weekend before thanksgiving. metro says this approach will let crews finish the ntsb recommended track safety improvements by june of 2012. 6:05 is our time. today betty ford will be laid to rest beside her husband in grand rapids, michigan. right now the body of the former first lady is lying in repose at the gerald ford presidential library. a final private funeral service and burial will be held this afternoon. former president bill clinton, former vice president dick cheney and former first lady barbara bush are all expected to attend. mrs. ford died last friday at the age of 93. coming up on 6:06 now.
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>> you're not going to take all your toys, are you? >> hmm. >> you don't have a job lined up, so you don't have a desk to put it on. >> "the office" is just one of the shows hoping to get an emmy nod this morning. in just a few hours the nominees for the 63rd prime-time emmy awards will be announced. they'll take place at 8:35 this morning, eastern time. the awards will be handed
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los angeles on september the 18th. we're talking about the stars, there are several reports this morning that brad pitt and angelina jolie are planning a wedding this fall. the two hollywood stars have been together for six years. they've said they wanted to wait to get married until it became legal for everybody. gay or straight. the couple also has six children. just about 6:11 now, almost. beautiful day out there this morning. clear air. low humidity. nice temperatures. 69 degrees and the sun just up. look at the beautiful sunlight under that bridge. what a gorgeous picture on the river. let's get the forecast now from tom kierein. >> how many voicemails are saying, i don't feel too good this morning? it is a gorgeous morning, as you step out. you'll notice the fresh change. there's the high definition view of our sky from the sky watcher camera overlooking off in the distance. on the left, there's the sky over fairfax county. on the right is the sky over southern loudoun county, in the foreground is northwest washington, and all around the region we have it in the low 60s
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throughout much of the area. now 69 at reagan national. right near the bay it's near 70. out of the mountains only in the 50s. and temperatures by 9:00 should be in the mid 70s. bright and sunny day by noontime near 80, by midafternoon ought to hit the mid 80s, then late afternoon in the low 80s. here's your night planner for this thursday night. in the 70s through the evening under a clear sky with low humidity. near 70 by midnight. then the 60s by this time tomorrow morning. a look at friday into the weekend, and the first part of next week. that will be in about ten minutes. now a look at our commute. danella? >> good morning. well, first let's start with the good news. rails are looking good, metro, marc, vre no delays. also, the beltway in maryland, this is 193 university boulevard. so far inner loop, outer loop good. no accidents for you. same thing in virginia, same story. now the bad news, traveling 395, this is at duke street. you are jammed from the beltway, as you make your way to the 14th street bridge, brace yourself
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for the mess of the 1442 street bridge. it is a tough commute this morning. i've been watching this, all i see is brake lights and everybody is traveling at a slow crawl. aaron and joe, back to you. >> pretty morning but that's not pretty. thanks very much, danella. how do i take on tough back pain?
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i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals with natural menthol. that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. good morning and welcome back. another really troubling story. an 8-year-old boy was laid to rest in new york city, his alleged killer has now admitted to police that he did abduct and murder him. thousands of people turned out for the funeral services for leibby kletzky last night in brooklyn. his dismembered remains were found in the trash bin and freezer in the home of 35-year-old levi aaron.
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aaron confessed on monday afternoon, he, quote, asked me, speaking of the boy, he asked me for a ride. i brought him to my house thinking i'd bring him to his house next day. when i saw the flyers, i panicked, and was afraid to bring him home. afterwards i panicked because i didn't know what to do with the body. he told investigators, as well, i'm sorry for the hurt i've caused. in other news, a missing persons search group wants their money for their time and trouble searching for caylee anthony. texas equusearch is suing casey anthony. the group's founder says that anthony misled him and wants more than $100,000 for their search efforts. last week anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter caylee. the defense team claimed that caylee never went missing, but, in fact, had drowned accidentally in the family's swimming pool. >> we should know by the end of the summer whether sarah palin is running for president.
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the former vice presidential candidate says she will announce her decision in late august or early cement. palin told fox news that she doesn't see a candidate in the republican field that she would campaign for right now. she also says she thinks she could win a campaign against president obama. of the two top republicans already in the race for the white house, mitt romney is firmly in the lead. that's according to a new reuters ipsos poll. the former massachusetts governor leads minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann 40% to 23% among republicans and independents. it is much tighter, though, among independent voters alone. romney's lead among them is just 10 percentage points over bachmann. police are investigating a hate crime involving vondallized cars in silver spring. all of the vehicles were parked in the 15,000 block of wenboro street in the spencerville neighborhood. police say vandals slashed tires and spray painted swastikas and anti-gay messages. police are offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads them to an arrest.
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and fairfax county police have arrested 72-year-old choo sik lee on two charges of sexual assault. he's accused of bringing women into the world employment agency in annandale and firsting them to watch pornography and then trying to sexually assault them. two women fought off his attacks. police believe there are at least three more victims, but women who are afraid to come forward. lee has a court date scheduled for august the 3rd. 17 after the hour now. today will be the first full day of testimony in roger clemens' perjury trial. jurors are expected to hear from two house officials who will explain the relevance of the congressional committee clemens testified before three years ago. it was that testimony that led to the perjury charges. the the former star pitcher's attorney claims that the committee overstepped its authority by holding the hearing into whether clemens and other baseball players ever used performance enhancing drugs. prosecutors say congress was well within its rights because regulating steroids in baseball
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relates to u.s. drug policy. clemens still denies ever using performance-enhancing drugs. right now, the british open championship is under way. the best golfers from around the world are teeing off at royal st. georges golf club. all eyes are going to be on rory mcilroy, the man who dominated the u.s. open at congressional. oddsmakers consider mcelroy the favorite but this is the first tournament he's playing in since his win a month ago. he's at 2 over par right now through seven holes. the leader is thomas bjorn at 4 under. he's still on the course, playing the 15th hole right now. they proved one important thing in sports, it really doesn't matter what anybody else says, thanks so much. >> there's the guy. they might have fallen short of a big win at the national title but the vcu men's basketball team did win another prize, they took home an espy. the rams won the award for best upset at last night's espys in los angeles. seth myers hosted the show. you see him there.
6:19 am
it honors the best athletic performances and games of the past year. and we knew this was going to happen. you know, you go online, you can vote for the espys, coach knew that the nomination was out there so we expected a win, and you probably can't see that very well, but the coach tweeted a photo of some of the guys on the team. >> holding their espy. >> which is a really big award. i'll retweet that later this morning. >> do that. >> check it out on twitter. >> congratulations to many of the players there. >> and congratulations to you as an alumni. >> thank you. the espys would not be an awards show without some fashion statement, and there it is. >> my man. >> san francisco giants closer brian wilson probably had fashionistas cringing with this little number. give you a little nod there. this is his take on a tuxedo. happens to be made out of spandex. never a good move, my friend. wilson, known for his tattoos and that stagly beard which he started growing about a year ago and now the spandex tux with the
6:20 am
yellow bow tie. >> i want to know how he affords all the black shoe polish to put on that beard. that thing is dyed so black. that's amazing. >> and he wears the sunglasses for a reason, hoping no one would recognize him. not going to happen, though. >> let's go to tom now. he's taking a look at our forecast for today. beautiful day. >> it really is a gorgeous morning. we've had a dramatic drop in the humidity and the temperatures have plummeted overnight, as well. a wonderful mid-july break from high heat and high humidity. right now in washington, we're at 69 degrees. in much of montgomery, fairfax, prince george's counties it's only near 60 degrees now. in arlington county, now in the mid 60s. and it's generally in the low 60s throughout most of virginia and maryland. except right near the waters there. they are in the low 70s. out on the mountains it's only in the 50s now. and we have that sun up in a mostly clear sky, and by 9:00 we'll be in the mid 70s. just a few high clouds through the day. low humidity in place, with afternoon highs reaching the mid 80s. and then by tonight we'll be
6:21 am
clear, bottoming out in the low 60s tomorrow morning. a gorgeous day on friday, a few more clouds around in the afternoon. highs reaching the mid 80s. with low humidity still in place. yes, we're going to keep this pattern going into the weekend. just beautiful for saturday and sunday. not too humid. not too hot. great beach and pool weather. morning lows in the 60s. afternoon highs in the mid and upper 80s, both saturday and sunday. into next week, as we get back to work on monday and into tuesday, wednesday, it will be turning more humid. highs monday near 90. and ought to make the low to mid 90s on tuesday, wednesday, maybe with a few storms around. danella sealock, good morning. how's the commute now? >> good morning. here's a warning. this next traffic report is not for the faint of heart. we're going to start out in maryland. i'm seeing big delays as you head out of urbana and make your way towards clarksburg. right at 109, it's going to be stop and go. you're going to be lucky if you catch a go. here's the go right now. i've been watching this and there have been a lot of brake lights. as we head down to 395, you are
6:22 am
jammed from the beltway as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. even the hov lanes are packed. as we check out the 14th street bridge, oh, not a pretty sight this morning. i'll be back in about ten minutes with another update. hopefully i'll see some relief. back to you, aaron and joe. >> that's a mess. thanks danella. >> 6:22 the time now. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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♪ if you believe there's nothing up my sleeve ♪ ♪ then nothing is cool good morning, "atlantis." >> the astronauts got a special treat this morning realm front man michael stipe sang "man on the moon" for their wake-up call. the crew will give interviews
6:26 am
from space before taking most of the day off. as much as you can do that on the space station. the shuttle is scheduled to land on july 21st. some of america's largest food companies say they will not change how they market food to children. general mills and kellogg are just two brands that say they will cut down on marketing unhealthy foods to kids. the new standards, which were set by the companies themselves, allow marketing for certain products only if they meet certain nutritional criteria. that could mean changes to recipes of some products to include less fat, sugar or sodium. our time is now 6:26. the late-night carjacking and chase from baltimore to rockville. we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries,
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you are looking live at the nation's capitol, the jefferson memorial in the foreground on a day that will be very different from what we dealt with yesterday. that break in the heat is finally upon us. >> good morning, and welcome back to "news 4 today," i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist in for eun yang on this thursday, july 14th. we turn right to the man of the hour, meteorologist tom kierein. tell us about this cooldown. >> i have a feeling many calls to workplaces today will be going right to voice mail. it's going to go right to voice mail. you're not going to actually get a hold of anybody. we'll have a wonderful weather pattern continuing today and all the way into the weekend. there's a live picture. i zoomed our high definition sky watcher camera into montgomery county. you can see sugar loaf mountain in the distance behind that tower. that's about 30 miles away. way off on the right of your screen on the horizon is frederick county. so, excellent visibility this
6:31 am
morning. temperatures that way are only near 60 degrees in frederick and montgomery county. and closer to washington, in arlington county, it's in the mid 60s. much of fairfax county just in the low 60s. only near 60 in much of southern maryland, including prince george's county, and charles, calvert and st. mary's. near the bay near 70. in the mountains only in the 50s. for today, we will have lots of sun. just a few high clouds, low humidity in place throughout the day as highs reach the mid 80s. if you're looking for somebody, check the tennis courts and golf courses. you may find a lot of your friends there. we'll have a look at your night planner. that will be in just ten minutes. here's a look at the traffic. good morning danella. >> good morning. we have some trouble spots in our area starting out at 66 inside of the beltway, as you're heading east. you are jammed. and you're slow approaching the beltway. i want to take you up to the outer loop of the beltway. this is in maryland. new hampshire avenue you are slow. but you will see some relief as you head towards georgia avenue. back down to 395, jammed from the beltway to the 14th street
6:32 am
bridge. and this is phase eight of the 14th street bridge construction. d-dot expects it to be over in fall, but until then you may want to take the rails. because look at this, metro, marc, vre are all running on time. joe and aaron, back to you. >> all right, danella, thank you. well, a wild scene late last night down jie 95 and across the beltway. police say a maryland man stole a car with a mom and baby inside, then side-swiped a state police cruiser before taking off on a high speed chase on the beltway. this all started at a gasoline station along edmondson avenue in west baltimore. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at montgomery county police headquarters in rockville. good morning. >> good morning, joe. the lexus that was stolen in this carjacking is actually inside one of the evidence bays here at the state police barrack in rockville. the suspect, 22-year-old teron white is inside, being questioned by police at this point. now this all began to unfold a little after 10:00 last night.
6:33 am
24-year-old woman and her 20-month-old baby were at a gas station in west baltimore on edmondson avenue. police say the 22-year-old teron white forced his way into that lexus and drove off with the woman and her baby inside. they also say that white hit at least one car, though, as he sped away and made his way to i-95. that's where he sideswiped a state trooper parked on the shoulder with his lights on as part of a construction work zone. police say white hit over 100 miles an hour. now another trooper spotted the lexus on the outer loop near connecticut avenue. it appeared that the passenger's door was hanging open, because of damage during the collision. police say that white was driving erratically. he kept speeding up, but he would slow down to speeds of between 10 and 20 miles an hour. it was near the cabin john parkway that the woman jumped from the car with her baby in her arms, a short time later, white pulled over and was arrested. he's facing a variety of charges, in connection with this
6:34 am
incident. should mention that the woman did suffer a cut on her head. when she jumped from that car. the baby, though, not injured. we're told the baby is going to be just fine. but a very frightening situation. a wild ride here. all came to an end near the cabin john parkway and charges are pending. back to you. >> megan mcgrath reporting live. thanks very much, megan. very, very frightening. thank you. 6:34 your time right now. today, congressional leaders head back to the bargaining table hoping to reach a deal on increasing the nation's debt limit. negotiations come a day after president obama walked out of what turned out to be a contentious meeting. house majority leader eric cantor says the president said to him, quote, eric, don't call my bluff. he says the president also said ronald reagan wouldn't sit here like this. president obama has given lawmakers until tomorrow to reach a deal on raising the debt limit. he says he may order congressional leaders to camp david this weekend if a deal isn't done. and to give you a sense of just
6:35 am
how much is riding on these debt talks, moody's investors service is threatening to lower the u.s. credit rating. it says there's a slight risk the government will default on its debt. now if the country's credit rating is downgraded, interest rates would likely spike, meaning it would cost you more for mortgages, car loans, and other debts. it could also push the u.s. into another recession. the first troops to leave afghanistan as part of the u.s. drawdown have handed over their security responsibilities to afghan forces. the 650 members of the iowa national guard's first squadron, 113th cavalry regiment are on their way home now. they completed 3,800 combat missions and trained 400 afghan police officers. president obama announced last month that he would pull 10,000 u.s. troops out of afghanistan in 2011, and the remaining 23,000 by next summer. today, members of congress will join family members who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. they will help stitch together an american flag that became
6:36 am
tattered and worn following the september 11th attacks. the flag once hung at the construction site overlooking ground zero. it has since traveled the country getting one stitch after another in all 50 states. once finished, the flag will language in the national 9/11 memorial museum that is now under construction at ground zero. some members of congress are now calling for an investigation here in the united states. this move comes after journalists from the new defunct tabloid paper "news of the world" reportedly contacted a new york city policeman to try to get private phone records of british citizens who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the world trade center. in addition, former -- former british prime minister gordon brown now charges that other newspapers owned by rupert murdoch and news corporation took part in the phone hacking scandal. today betty ford will be laid to rest beside her husband in grand rapids, michigan. right now the body of the former first lady is lying in repose at the gerald ford presidential library.
6:37 am
a final, private funeral service will -- and burial, will be held this afternoon. former president bill clinton, former vice president dick cheney, and former first lady barbara bush are expected to attend. mrs. ford died last friday at the age of 93. your time now is 6:37. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
6:38 am
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harry, you can't do that. >> hermione, i can't always help it. >> harry potter fans across the country gearing up to catch midnight screenings of the latest film in the fwran choice. "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" is the final movie in the series. matthew lewis, the actor who plays neville longbottom stopped by a special screening in georgetown. the movie opens nationwide tonight. there are still tickets available for tonight's premiere
6:41 am
at several theaters around the area. some are already sold out. folks are going to be spending a lot of time inside darkened theaters this weekend, i suspect. let's go to tom kierein now in storm center four to take a look at our beautiful forecast for today. tom? >> great weather to stay outside, too. weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning, it's 6:41. here is the view of the sky over northeast washington in the middle distance and off on the horizon is prince george's county, and the sky over washington. a beautiful satin blue. you can see the washington monument there. the jefferson memorial. the humidity has been swept away. now we're looking into arlington. a beautiful blue sky there. we've got the golden sun light coming down and now the camera padding over toward fairfax county. a beautiful summer morning under way. all around the region we have temperatures that are in the low to mid 60s most areas. except right in washington, upper 60s. right by the bay near 70. however up in the mountains, many locations there in the 50s. later today, we'll climb to near 80 by noontime. lots of sun, low humidity today.
6:42 am
highs mid 80s by midafternoon. then low 80s by late afternoon. then, overnight tonight we will have our temperatures down into the 60s. and highs in the 80s for friday, saturday and sunday. with not much humidity around. we'll take a look into next week, a change on the way. that will be coming up in about ten minutes. now a check on the traffic. how's it looking, danella? >> still looking pretty stuff. in virginia, if you're traveling on 95 north you're going to see delays out of woodbridge and they're going to continue stop and go as you wake your way towards the beltway. if you're continuing onto 395, you're jammed from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i see there is lots of congestion in this area. it's been this way for awhile. so i guess just be patient as you make your commute this morning. heading over to d.c., this is new york avenue and new jersey. i see delays on new york avenue as you make your way from the times plant to bladensburg road. as you head further down towards new jersey, you will see just a bit of relief. 270 south, this is at 109.
6:43 am
still slow out of urbana as you make your way to 109. once you make your way towards clarksburg it's a much better commute. another look at the rails, still looking great, metro, marc, vre no delays. aaron and joe, back to you. >> thanks very much.
6:44 am
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experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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15 before the hour. metro has announced plans for a year's worth of station closures to be completed by -- or to complete the recommended safety improvements from the ntsb. the closures will be on weekends only. the first one will be august 6th and 7th. that closure is set for all the stations between twinbrook and medical center on the red line. one on the list jumps out at us. in november metro will close the national airport station the weekend before thanksgiving. this morning police in prince george's county have two persons of interest in custody in connection with a deadly shooting in bowie. the victim was found shot to death yesterday afternoon in his own home in livingstone endeavor drive. police say they found the persons of interest walking in the neighborhood. investigators believe the victim was targeted. they have not released his name yet but family members say he was a successful business man
6:47 am
who owned a laundromat. >> he was a wealthy man, i assume, somebody, you know, taking what he had. >> anything you want to say about your brother? >> hard worker. >> neither person of interest has been arrested yet, but police were questioning both of them late into the night. both d.c. firefighters and police officers are upset over a new and unusual program that enlists firefighters to help fight crime. for the past three weeks d.c. fire and ems personnel have been parking their trucks at specific locations in high-crime neighborhoods. this is supposed to be a crime deterrent. city officials say they just want firefighters to call 911 if they see suspicious activity. the d.c. police union and firefighters union say the plan is not safe. >> it's to prevent things from bubbling up. the idea is that if you have a fire apparatus engine, with adults there, no one is going to
6:48 am
commit a crime. >> i think it's a disaster. you're putting untrained, unsupervised, unequipped firefighters in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in town to perform a law enforcement function. >> the president of the firefighters union released a statement saying, quote, i am concerned that this is a knee jerk reaction to what is a serious problem that is clearly a police matter, and not a fire department problem. right now the mayor's office says that policy will last at least through next spring. christopher barry, the son of d.c. council member marion barry, is due in court on july 27th after being arrested on felony drug dealing charges. police were called to his southwest d.c. home late in may because of a fight there. court documents show that officers forced their way into the home and found five bags full of marijuana, as well as a vial of pcp. barry was charged with possession with intent to distribute. christopher barry refused to comment on the situation. today, d.c. council members holding a special meeting to vote on extending martin luther king avenue to the new memorial.
6:49 am
the new drive would stretch in southeast across the 11th street bridge, down the freeway to the main avenue exit, and down independence avenue and past the new memorial. the martin luther king jr. memorial is set to open an august 28th. 6:49 is the time. if lawmakers don't come up with an agreement on how to fix the nation's debt it could end up costing you money. nicole lapin, anchor of cnbc's "worldwide exchange" joins us live with more on this story. good morning. >> very good morning to you, joe. a major ratings agency firing a warning shot at washington. moody's is threatening to cut the u.s.' top credit rating saying there's a small but pretty risky chance that the government will default on its debt. moody's says the white house and congress are just running out of time to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the u.s. reached its borrowing limit, as you guys know, back in may and could just run out of cash to pay its bills coming up on august 2nd. a ratings downgrade would basically raise interest rates on u.s. bonds which would push up rates for mortgages and other
6:50 am
loans that are all tied to treasuries. amazon, meanwhile is taking on apple. reports say the online retailer will unveil a tablet device and two new versions of the kindle by the end of september. the tablet has a 9 inch screen and will run on gaggle's android software. are you dreading going on vacation with the family this summer? now you have a chance to actually profit from those potentially embarrassing photos. we all have them. let's be real. and is giving away a two-week vacation to the winner of a contest for the top vacation picture. so you can choose hawaii, lake tahoe, north carolina. this all sounds great. the entries must be submitted by august 2nd, which is funnily enough the same time as the debt ceiling. so perhaps if you're set in washington you can submit some of the funny photos and get a
6:51 am
vacation. >> i just want to inform all of my family members there's a lawsuit waiting for them if they submit any of those family pictures. >> they've been warned. >> thanks very much. have a great day, nicole. >> you, too. ben's chili bowl is considering jumping the river into virginia. the washington city paper reports the famous eatery is scouting six or so locations across our area, including clarendon. ben's has become a must-visit for dignitaries and celebrities and everybody else eager to try the half smokes and chili cheese fries. right now it has just one satellite location at national's park. >> which is a good reason to go to the ball park. >> kentucky has bourbon. cuba has the mojito. but here in the district, we have the rickey. >> thank goodness. later today, d.c. council member jack evans will read a proclamation declaring the rickey as washington's native cocktail and july as rickey month. >> that drink was invented back in 1883 at schumachers by a bar tender and democratic lobbyist colonel joe rickey.
6:52 am
j.w. marriott hotel now sits on the schumachers' site. >> so what is in this drink? two ounces of either bourbon, rye whiskey, or gin. or all of the above. and half a lime squeezed and drop that into the glass. add ice, stir, and top it off with sparkling mineral water. >> take a sip here and see -- >> oh. no it's just water. just water. >> you wish. >> all right. tom kierein is here now looking at this gorgeous forecast. >> just a wonderful, fresh change has occurred overnight. the word for the day, chill-ax. enjoy. we have had wonderful break from the high heat and humidity. right now, there's the jefferson memorial under this sunny sky, and a lot of the humidity is gone. in fact dew point has dropped all the way down to the low 50s. these are the statistics at reagan national. got a north/northeasterly breeze there at 69 degrees. and comfortable with low humidity throughout the entire
6:53 am
region. it's in the 50s out in much of west virginia and western maryland. but farther to the east it's in the low 60s to the low 70s right by the bay. and at the atlantic beaches. and this wonderful break from the high humidity courtesy of a nice, large area of high pressure that's come down from the great lakes and is in place and will be here throughout the rest of this week and into the weekend. we will have our temperatures by noontime near 80. lots of sun today, highs reaching the mid 80s by midafternoon. a sunblock day if you're going to be out for a prolonged period. and then overnight tonight will be clear, we'll be in the 70s through the evening. by midnight down near 70. by dawn tomorrow, it will be down into the 60s to low 60s, near 60 by the time we start off friday morning. during the day tomorrow, another gorgeous day, highs mid 80s. not much humidity. just a few clouds around. more of the same on the weekend, too. saturday and sunday, highs in the upper 80s. still not too humid. morning lows 60s. as we start off next week the humidity returns and so does the heat and a chance of storms tuesday and wednesday.
6:54 am
danella, how's traffic? >> good morning, tom. as you say, you're definitely going to neat to chill-ax this morning because it is a tough commute. you're going to start out, outer loop of the beltway in maryland. jammed from 95 as you make your way towards georgia avenue. on new hampshire avenue, traveling at 17 miles an hour. definitely stop and go. here's a live look right now. if you're driving in this, take out that can of chill-ax and drink it because it's a tough commute. as we head down to 395, this is at the pentagon. 395, you're jammed from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. and another look at our rails. this is the relief. metro, marc, vre are all looking good. if you can take the rails this morning, it's an easier commute. >> all right, danella, thanks very much. right now crews are working to fix a water main break in prince george's county. in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard and capital heights. tracee wilkins is live there with the latest. good morning. >> good morning, joe. they're making some progress. but they have not had the opportunity to actually get into that hole yet and work on the
6:55 am
main because they're still trying to get all that water out from yesterday. so expect this road to be closed throughout the morning. this is what it looked like yesterday. it was an absolute geyser when this water started spewing around 9:30 a.m. it took about two hours for wssc to actually stop the flow of water and now, they're working to try and get this water main repaired as soon as possible. this boulevard is actually the cut-through between central to richy. for folk s who normally take ths route, the road here is still closed. this is actually just down the block from that 54-inch water main break that we had back in january that caused hundreds of thousands of folks to have to boil their water for weeks. and also shut down the beltway. wssc says that these two mains are not connected. and, of course, only a few customers were impacted by this water main break. nonetheless, we're seeing what happens as this system gets older and older. tracee wilkins live this morning. joe back to you in the studio.
6:56 am
>> that's what's happening all around the region. thanks very much, tracy. news four's melissa mollet live in the newsroom with the top stories. >> good morning. a maryland man behind bars for stealing a car with a woman and her toddler inside. and sideswiping a police cruiser and taking off on a high speed chase on 9-a-and the beltway. this all started in baltimore. and ended in montgomery county near the cabin john parkway. the car finally slowed and the mother jumped out with her baby. both of them are doing fine. 22-year-old teron white was arrested. and talks will continue on increasing the nation's debt limit today. the negotiations have gotten so contentious, sources say president obama walked out of a meeting wednesday saying enough is enough. now to new york. thousands of people turned out for the funeral of 8-year-old leibby clep ski last night. the boy was kidnapped in brooklyn monday. some of his remains were found in the home of a 35-year-old brooklyn resident. levi aaron has confessed to the killing. and today betty ford will be laid to rest beside her husband
6:57 am
in grand rapids, michigan. betty ford died friday at age 93. i'm melissa milly in the newsroom. back to you. >> thanks very much, melissa. >> and let's get one last look at weather before we go. >> with pleasure. a gorgeous pattern today, all the way into the weekend. low humidity, cooler temperatures. a mid july break from high heat and humidity. looks like it's going to heat up next week, though. aaron and joe, got to love it. >> thanks very much, tom. that is "news 4 today."
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